ABC Medical is the first and only provider of urological supplies and other medical products committed to the financial and practical support of adaptive sports. We offer an unmatched combination of products, education, service and outreach to help our customers live healthier, more active lives. Like the community we serve, we believe firmly in doing the most with what we've got.

ABC Medical specializes in providing medical supplies such as urinary catheters, incontinence supplies, ostomy supplies, wound care products, diabetes supplies and various other medical supplies directly to an individual's home.  ABC Medical works with physicians, nurses and discharge planners at rehabilitation hospitals to coordinate patients' care and ensure that patients receive the best products available and the proper education to treat their condition.  ABC Medical provides free shipping to the individual's home in discreet packaging, access to over 30,000 medical products, coordination of all insurance benefits and will contact patients' physicians to obtain the proper paperwork.

What sets ABC Medical apart from other medical supply providers is ABC Medical's commitment to the disabled community and support of Adaptive Sports throughout the United States.  ABC Medical is the exclusive medical supply sponsor of both the National Wheelchair Basketball Association and National Wheelchair Softball Association and also supports many other Adaptive Sports and Spina Bifida organizations locally and nationally.  

ABC Medical is a Medicare-licensed provider and accredited by The Joint Commission.  Every day, ABC Medical is active in a community in the United States supporting its mission to ADAPT. BELIEVE. COMPETE.