Animal Behavior College (ABC), based in Northridge, CA, was
formed in 1999 with the vision of becoming the largest and most
unique animal-related vocational college in the country.
Much of ABC’s success is due to its unique program design that
allows students to learn in over 600 locations nationwide. The
ABC program consists of an in-home study program with handson
training that is local to students. This means that students can
attend the school while not having to leave the state or sacrifice
the time they have devoted to their current careers and families.
In fact, this model has proven to be so successful that ABC has
used it for their Certified Veterinary Assistant program and will
continue to use it for future programs.

ABC continues its growth as an industry leader of animal-related
career training with the introduction of its Certified Veterinary
Assistant program in 2008. This program was so successful that
enrollments in the first year exceeded expectations by 141 percent.
A Certified Grooming program, set to launch in 2010, is already
in development while future programs are also being examined.
In an effort to ensure that students continue to grow professionally,
ABC has introduced two continuing education programs available
to graduates. The first program, Training Shelter Dogs, was
created due to an overwhelming number of alumni expressing
the need for more training targeted towards dogs living in shelters.
This training helps make these dogs more adoptable while teaching
trainers to deal with behavior problems specific to homeless
dogs. Training Shelter Dogs is another way that ABC can help
give back to the animals and help to save lives through training.
The second continuing education program is a more businessminded
course titled Teaching Private Lessons which further
elaborates on how to teach, market and be successful when
offering private lessons. Private lessons are ideal for unruly dogs
who may be too disruptive to attend group classes. This program
was created to fulfill the needs of dog owners whose dogs have
more acute behavior problems and that are in need for more
one-on-one attention.
All ABC courses offer a well-balanced and convenient education
to students throughout North America. The innovative curriculum
has reached students ranging anywhere from recent high school
graduates, to educators, to veterinarians who wish to enhance
their knowledge of animals.
Since its conception nearly ten years ago, ABC has harmoniously
evolved alongside the ever-growing animal industry, meeting the
needs of its enthusiasts. To date, the school has enrolled over
eight thousand students and continues to draw in more each
month, ensuring a brighter future for the college, its students,
and the lives of animals they touch.