A Book Nerd CompanyTM is a family-owned business created to allow independent authors the opportunity to affordably edit the written works they intend to publish. Be it fact, fiction or something in between, ABNC is dedicated to creating a quality editing experience that will enhance your personal publications.

It is the mission of A Book Nerd CompanyTM to provide everyday editors for everyday authors and their books. We strive to be a source of happiness to our clients by offering affordable editing and a process that is simple, easy, and fun; resulting in a quality manuscript and increased chances of success in the marketplace.

The experience and educational background of our editors is rich and varied, qualifying them to assist in all aspects of the editing process. While college work is, in fact, an integral part of our staff's resumes, most of us are really professionals whose jobs require us to be detail editors in some way, shape, or form. We all love literature and we have all been known to obsess over "getting it right". We don't claim to be perfectionists, as no one is perfect. We do claim to believe in quality work, however, that resembles perfection. The author (that's you) reaps the reward from our collective experiences and our work ethic.