A Billion Shouts is the social network for people and businesses who want to assist each other and get the word out about themselves and their goods and services by SHOUTING it out across the entire universe of the Internet as well as to the grand universe that we are creating together on the ABillionShouts.com site.

ABillionShouts.com serves consumers and businesses (and after all everyone is both a consumer and a business in some way or another, so really we are here for everyone) with:

1) Social Networking via Mutual Assistance

2) Opt-In Targeted Marketing

3) A Neutral Merit Based Platform for Goods and Services

Social networking sites are fun, and a great way to meet people. And we know that the best way for people to meet is by helping each other. So, we let users who wish to request advice and assistance from their peers as well as from targeted vendors and service providers to Shout! out what they need free of charge. As a Billioneer, you can then form friendships or advisory relationships with people just like you who have similar interests or can answer their questions, or agree to receive offers from businesses (ranging from small part time home based businesses to giant mulitnationals) who have something that you need or want.

Opt-in targeted marketing is the most effective way to reach a base of customers who are looking for what your business offers. When you join as an Executive Billioneer, you can access and send offers to customers who are in need of your goods and services, and send them offers that they will appreciate and use immediately. They will remember that it was you who answered their question and then gave them an opportunity to obtain exactly what they needed or wanted at that very moment, and they will come back to you again and again. You will be able to send reminders and new offers to everyone who opts into your information by joining your network, and to place additional Reverberating Shouts that allow you to advertise and spread the word about your goods and services to site members and visitors alike. Additional Reverberating Shouts can be purchased and added to your account, or you can earn the privilege of placing additional Shouts by earning points for answering user questions and attracting users to your network. (You can also post blog like information, an informational profile, and be as creative as you want with your original and exclusive Shout titles so that people want to join your network and keep coming back to read your Reverberating Shouts).

A Neutral Merit Based Platform for Goods and Services allows you, the business owner, to make any and all offers you wish regarding your goods and services by means of our exclusive Reverberating Shout,. This shout, the shout that all business owners want heard around the internet, is exclusive and original because only one Executive Billioneer may use any given title for her Shout. So, let's say you are in the shoe business. It does not matter to us whether you are an occasional Ebay seller of vintage shoes, or one of the largest online shoe retailers whose name everyone recognizes. All that matters is that you get here first and choose your Reverberating Shout title - which can be as simple as "shoes". And then you put together your Reverberating Shout page, with lots of room for pictures of your shoes and news about your shoes. To keep your Shout at the head of the line, both on the main page and on your category, you keep updating it and making it interesting.

What's more, the more people look at it, comment and join your network,  the more BillioneerPoints you earn. When you have enough BillioneerPoints, you can cash them in for an additional Reverberating Shout or package thereof, which means you can shout out even more about your shoes, using any text title you want to appear on the front page.

In short, ABillionShouts.com is unlimited, yet it allows you to be exclusive and get attention via merit and creativity rather than paying extra for extra services. The only limitation is that the site will close to new Reverberating Shouts when we reach a billion of them. When that happens, or when there is a demand from newcomers for existing Shouts, we will set up a way where you, the Executive Billioneer, can sell your shout to a newcomer at whatever price you set, with a small commission deducted to the site for the transfer.