The ACFN® program invites qualified individuals to provide customers with the convenience of performing financial transactions “on-site”. As an ACFN® franchisee, you will enter the electronic financial services market with a unique and very profitable approach. You will be taught how to own and operate a network of “On-Site ATMs” to be placed in travel and entertainment based businesses creating a recurring monthly residual income.

The ACFN® business model targets specific locations with certain parameters and qualifications where the need for our services is proven. We specialize in hotels and travel or entertainment based businesses where clientele appreciate the benefits and convenience of “On-Site ATM” services.

The ACFN® program operates its network of ATMs within the premises of qualified businesses but retains full ownership and control of the equipment. The host facility is not charged any fees to incorporate our program representing a significant departure from the practices of most other companies in the industry. Most of the ACFN® competitors earn their revenue by selling or leasing the equipment to host facilities– we do not sell or lease the equipment to the Host business! ACFN® removes that obstacle for host facilities by providing services and equipment at no cost. The ACFN® business model guarantees the host a share of revenues generated as compensation for space utilized while delivering the primary benefit of additional spending and increased profitability at no cost. This unique approach enables businesses to offer its clientele the convenience of “On-Site ATM” services without requiring the usual financial commitment. From the point of view of the Host business owner or manager this is a low risk highly advantageous situation. As a franchisee, you will be shown how to build and operate your own network of ATMs within Host businesses developing a significant recurring monthly revenue stream.