January 16, 2015 – Sorors and Amicae across the organization will be able to pre-order their Commemorative Token: a pair of white gloves and a lapel pin that may adorn your favorite headpiece (see attached photo).  The focus of the project is to represent Founder Stemons and her signature fashion style—wearing and/or carrying gloves and a hatpin. Cost for the Commemorative Token is $30.00.  Although every donation is appreciated, any donation under $30.00, will not receive a Commemorative Token.  

Founder Stemons once said, “Zeta now, Zeta tomorrow, Zeta always, should be the thought in the mind of every Zeta Woman."  Such a quote—indicative of her vision in 1920—rings as true today as in the past and is the reason for our beloved sisterhood.  This project will come to fruition with your support and contributions.

Sorors and Amicae will enjoy their Commemorative Token, in honor and in memory of Founder Stemons. The Commemorative Token will enable Sorors and Amicae to wear their items at the unveiling of the new headstone.  This token can be purchased from now until September 15, 2015 through the Memberplanet Pre-Order Form. The form can be found at the following link: www.memberplanet.com/s/founderarizonacstemonsgravemarkerproject/acs_project2015.