The Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association (ACTLA) was founded in the Spring of 1986 as a Non-Profit Society dedicated to the objectives of advancing the Science of Jurisprudence, training in all fields and phases of Advocacy, upholding the honour and dignity of the Profession of Law, encouraging brotherhood and sisterhood among the members of the Bar, upholding and improving the Adversary System and Trial by Jury, and promoting the Administration of Justice and the Public Good.

All members of the Law Society of Alberta and students enrolled in Law School are invited to Join the Association, participate in its activities and thereby further the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association in achieving its objectives.  Memberships to lawyers in jurisdictions outside of Alberta are also available.

ACTLA Mission Statement
To advocate for a strong civil justice system that protects the rights of all Albertans.

ACTLA Advocacy
ACTLA is the voice of the civil litigation bar in Alberta.  ACTLA works with Government to ensure the voice of plaintiffs is heard and the rights of Albertans are protected.