Methuen, MA – A Classic Touch Celebration, Inc. is offering an alternative to traditional funeral services.  When a person dies, the traditional practice is to have some sort of funeral service, either at a church or at a funeral home.  Often times, there is a wake for the deceased the night before.  These traditional services, with black suits, quiet church music, and people gathered around a casket or an urn, are okay for some, but many people are breaking away from this traditional practice. Many find these traditional funeral services to be heavy, sad, and grief-filled. They are of the opinion that life should be celebrated, instead of simply mourned and that it is a special day when people who loved a person should gather together to celebrate their life, happily and to remember the person as they were…alive, and vibrant.

Until recently, if a family wanted a celebration of life ceremony for their loved one, they most likely had to arrange and coordinate it themselves.  A Classic Touch Celebration, Inc. opened on June 1, 2014 with the purpose of providing celebration of life services for families.  They are owned and operated by Robert Chase, Melissa Lees, and Sabrina Chase.  Rob Chase has over 20 years of funeral industry experience.  They serve families in all of the surrounding cities and beyond.  The ceremonies take place at a location of the family’s choosing (a park, historic building, function hall, the ocean, someone’s home, or that favorite place that the family spent with their loved one).  They also tend to take place in the days, weeks, or months following the passing of their loved one.  Some families also host these celebrations on an anniversary of their loved one’s passing, on their birthday, or on some other day of significance (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.).  

A Classic Touch Celebration, Inc. understands how stressful coordinating these services can be, so they arrange for the clergy, food, music, flowers, video tributes, various release ceremonies, and memorial gifts at various locations, as well as supervise these ceremonies, so families don’t have to do it themselves.  They believe that each person is different.  They have different passions and different loves.  So why should every funeral be the same?

You can find out more from their website www.classictouch.info

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