Headquartered in Dubai, A Communications covers MENA and European markets. It is a B2B, 360, marketing agency with B2C experience.

With so many marketing agencies available to brands today, USPs are hard to come by. Here are ours:

We are very price conscious and over service each and every time. The proof is in the pudding not the price
We spend one full day every two weeks sitting in your office or on-site. We find this helps us with approvals and you, with us knowing your brand
You have the Founder on speed dial
We have British senior management. Important when the UAE media writes in English not American
We don’t just do; we give you our unadulterated expert opinions and guidance
We work with only two third parties… because we must maintain our own high standards
-Arabic translators; Emirati journalists. Arabic media standards
-Liana Technologies; Finnish software providers. European standards