By the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on July 26, 2015, this project will develop a collection of original fine art photographs to commemorate some of the many advances in American society made possible by the ADA. Images will be published in a coffee-table book, a 2015 calendar, and as individual prints. Additionally, at the end of the project key images will be made available for free to disability rights groups to use in their marketing and outreach campaigns.

The founder is a person with a disability, a professional photographer, and a disability rights attorney. This project is a labor of love, designed to capture the amazing and profound, -- yet often unrecognized and under-documented – positive changes in our society due to the ADA.

The collection’s focus will illustrate connections among people with and without disabilities that would not have been possible prior to the ADA and related laws, to illustrate the law’s important legacy and to capture this point in American history. The ADA has caused changes big and small in our society; so many of them are woven tightly into the fabric of modern life that we too often take them for granted.

Simply put: our country is stronger because of the ADA, but few recognize the source of this strength as a groundbreaking law that helped set people with disabilities free to embrace more fulfilling lives. This project will capture the specific nature of that strength in powerful and compelling images.