ADHD Natural Doctor - Many people are struggling to get better control – are using a ADHD Natural Doctor. Finding a way to take care of their ADHD with natural cures is very important to people.  Families are sick and tired  of constantly being given incorrect diagnosis, or only given medication. Adults, parents and kids can be helped in many ways by an experienced ADHD Natural Doctor.  Dr. Eric Etka maintains an online blog at http://www.ADHDRichmondVa.com. There are three important areas for helping those with traits of ADHD Brain. This particular discussion will be about how to overcome the procrastination tendency that which many people struggle. Dr. Eric C. Etka is a chiropractor in Richmond Va, who s certified as a SHINE practitioner, trained by Dr. Edward Hallowell. He can be reached at http://www.HealthLinkVa.com – (804) 559-6818