ADI Contact Solutions is a Virtual Call Center that provides national call center service for small mid-size businesses, school, non-profit and churches.

Our Virtual Call Center Suite provides a full range of outbound, inbound and hosted IVR messaging for your call center capabilities to service your business and customer calls with the minimum number of agents.

Connect with your customer by increasing your communication, satisfied customer mean more connections and more business transactions

At ADI Contact Solutons  we service your customers equally or better with our inbound outbound call center service.

Our staff are trained to represent your call center being the face of your business, they're professional and courtesy, ADI Contact Solutions help you connect with your customer.

We know how to handle irate customer understand why they are upset and do not stop service until they are happy customer.

ADI Contact is perfectly positioned to provide your company with an excellent staff of people to ensure that your calls are handled with the same superior level of care that you provide your customers.

Our Services
ADI Contact Solutions Virtual Call Center (VCC) Suite is to execute several inbound and outbound campaigns at the same time. We provide agent scripting, quality monitoring, and real time reporting, our suite tracks agents perfomance and results.

With all information needed our agent is able to complete transactions faster which result to happier customer relationship.

Our Predictive dialers does most of the work for the agents; it's totally automated, equip to  run through a calling lists,  detect answering machines and busy signals, avoid "do-not-call" numbers to ensure compliance with regulations, and adjust the dialing pace according to agent availability.Customer ServiceADI understands customer satisfaction, our solution ensure your cusotmer is being routed to the right peroson with the best skill set. Our agent are trained to handle your business just as if you were taking the call yourself

To ensue our clients are receiving the best quality of service we monitor and record all call and randomly forward calls to client for review.

Inbound Business to Business and Consumer

ADI has an wide array of call center services knowledge and expertise. Our call center services, capabilities and talented team enable us to seamlessly pursue your specific needs and goals across any market or industry.

ADI has the experience and the skills needed to make your call center outsourcing project a success.
Outbound Interactions
Would you like to proactively reach your customer?  ADI Contact is here to assist you. We have extensive experience in contacting customer and turning you leads into revenues.

The Secret of delivering 100% satisfaction through our Call Center Outsourcing Services

All our clients have reported, increase in satisfaction levels, increase in profits and business growth within 3-6 months of Inbound Call Center Outsourcing to us.

Be it Pre-Sales or Post-Sales customer support, we handle them all with the core idea of delivering 100% satisfaction, increase in customer loyalty, increase in repeat purchase, increase in profit & dramatic reduction in number of support requests. We deliver a unique combination of seamless integration with your business and warm association with your customers making customer interaction a happy experience. We offer National Call Center services: Live Phone Answering, Live Chat Support, Email Answering via Trouble-ticket.
Our agents always do the hard work, and take accountability for the results for all  Inbound Call Center Outsourcing needs.

Our agents are educated and well trained for web based & traditional brick-and-mortar business models.

Our support agents understand customers and are experts in converting prospects into buyer and help buyers buy more

All our operators are well groomed to handle irate callers, pacify them and solve their queries patiently.

Why Virtual Call Center WhitePaperThe home-based agent model continues to gain momentum, as organizations discover the many advantages it brings, not the least of which are improved agent satisfaction and retention; better business continuity and redundancy; lower operating costs stemming from reduced facilities usage; a significantly reduced carbon footprint; and a vastly expanded pool of candidates from which to hire. Helping to facilitate growth of the home agent model -- and making it more economically feasible -- are today's hosted call center solutions.

These Web-based systems enable the "virtual call center," which means an agent can work from any computer with a Web browser and a high speed connection, without having to download any software. To learn more about how a "virtual call center" can help you launch your own home-based agent program, check out this free white paper.