Costa Rica real estate MLS is an online database, accesible by all the affiliate agents at any time. The affiliate agents can upload their Costa Rica real estate for sale with the following information:

* As many photos of the property as the agent wants
* Offered sales price of the property
* Size of the land and size of construction
* Location  by City and subdivision
* How many bedrooms and baths
* Features of the property for sale
* Full description of the property for sale
* The contact data of the listing agent

Each American-European broker is an independent operator with their own unique style, personality and way of doing business.

* Each broker is a full-time professional.
* Each broker holds themselves and their associates to the highest standards of integrity.
* Each broker is involved with their clients before, during and after the sale, assisting you in clearing hurdles throughout your relocation process.
* Each broker's number one concern is protecting your interests, no matter whether you are buying or selling property and regardless of your budget.
* As a full-time professional, the American-European broker is able to guide, advise and support each client throughout the entire process of purchasing Costa Rica real estate, preventing and eliminating potential problems before, during, and after the sale.

List your property for sale in Costa Rica with any of our agents. If you are in the market to move to Costa Rica and plan to buy Costa Rica real estate, contact us now.