WHO WE ARE – We are the Airpark Eagle Foundation, a non-profit 501C3 organization centered on improving our neighborhood, The Scottsdale Airpark, through local “green” beautification projects. Our first “green” beautification project is focused on the +/- 2 acre parcel of land located directly behind the One with the Eagle statue located on the Northeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Thunderbird Road (Redfield Road) hereby deemed the “Garden Sanctuary.”

OUR MISSION – To seek community business involvement  and contributions for the creation and management of the native Sonoran Desert landscaped area to be known as the “Garden Sanctuary,”  and for the purpose of offering our community a city landmark that will serve as the “Gateway into the Airpark.”   Given this opportunity, this will serve as a destination for visitors and local community alike.

OUR VISION –  To enrich the Scottsdale Airpark Community with beautifully landscaped native Sonoran Desert foliage while capturing the sense of our community, nature and sustainability of the region.  As well, offering the opportunity to dedicate and donate to those we love, lost or wish to commemorate by way of purchasing  garden “areas” in the native Sonoran plant palette or floral and/or beautifully crafted art work.