AET Android Lab (AAL) is a leading technical education institute in India provides robotics, Aero Models and Android OS training in chennai from primary school to college students. We offer wide range of knowledge services and practicum on Robotics, Aero Models Android OS and Embedded systems. AAL has highly qualified faculties, advanced lab and specially designed training model enables you to learn and explore the world of modern technology. Our education model utilizes advanced kits (International Brands customized for AAL), Software based programming tools, various levels of workshop and practical lab exercises.

AAL committed to provide the High quality Education in the field of Electronics, Embedded System, Robotics, Aeronautic Model planes and Android OS. Especially for Robotic and Aero-models, we have highly qualified faculty and advanced Training kits. Our Training course will facilitate the students to get hands-on experience in latest technology and improves,

   * Problem solving skills
   * Creative and lateral Thinking
   * Ability to Research and Development

AAL Provides Training and Project support in

    * Robotics Design
    * Embedded Systems
    * Aero Model Design
    * Android Application development
    * Java Platform
    * Microsoft .Net Technologies.
    * Software Tools and Technologies.

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