Founded in 2000, AEWIN Technologies Co., Ltd is an ISO-9001 certified designer and manufacturer of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and customized embedded computers for OEMs, ODMs, and system integrators. AEWIN products serve as platforms for a variety of different industrial and IT applications, with a focus on embedded and network security. AEWIN has gained worldwide recognition for providing high quality products and reliable service. In addition to platform-level products, AEWIN offers solutions for intelligent video surveillance as well. With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, two branches in Fremont, U.S.A. and Beijing, China and a distributor in Amerang, Germany. AEWIN is positioned to deliver responsive sales support, product planning and manufacturing.

AEWIN product lines cover embedded computing, gaming platforms, industrial PCs, fanless embedded systems, network appliances and intelligent video surveillance systems. Solutions spans ultra high performance processing solutions for intense applications to the emerging small form factor, low-power SBCs. With close relationships with the worldî–¸ preeminent semiconductor manufacturers and exceptional product design expertise, AEWIN enables its customers to go to market with unique solutions of optimum performance, high quality, and reliability.

AEWIN is dedicated to advancing the application of advanced component technology and architectures in the fields of network security solutions, applied computing platforms, intelligent video surveillance systems, imaging, and other areas. We provide superior quality and cost efficiency for our partners around the world. We are a proven, reliable partner that can serve as a single source for all of your industrial PC needs from design to manufacture and fulfillment.