AFH Holding & Advisory, LLC is a single member family office and advisory firm offering business solutions to help domestic and international clients grow.

At AFH, we focus on capital formation and corporate advisory and can advise your company on the best strategies to access capital and, if appropriate, expedite its transition from a private company into a publicly traded company. We also have a growing lending practice, which allows publicly traded companies across the globe the ability to access the financing they need to help their business prosper.

AFH's seasoned team of financial and business experts, led by Amir Heshmatpour, leverage decades of professional success to deliver sound guidance and proven practices that enable clients to achieve their specific development and financial goals.


AFH Holding & Advisory, LLC partners with emerging companies to help them achieve their business development goals through proven strategies for capital formation and management advisory. Our team of top business professionals has over 25 years of comprehensive business and consulting experience in global corporate finance and development.

In addition to traditional financing, AFH has expertise in:
•Capital Formation
•Regulation & Compliance
•Strategic Planning

AFH Holding & Advisory identifies strong companies and then facilitates their growth potential by connecting the most qualified candidates with the best traditional and alternative financing options available. We advise our clients on capital raising, strategic planning, corporate governance, SEC regulations, investor relations, along with a number of other services all designed to insure a smooth transition to a public company and achieve your long-term goals.

AFH clients undergo rigorous qualification for our services. Our selection criteria includes: a proven business model with growth potential; consistent revenues; discernable competitive advantages; and strong potential return on capital investment.

AFH Holding & Advisory is committed to the success of our clients and our services are specifically tailored to fit the needs of each client. Whether and APO, IPO, or PIPE, our capital formation strategies will allow your business to grow, while our managerial advisory services are designed to help your business succeed.

Capital Formation:

AFH Holding and Advisory analyzes each client to determine the optimal capital formation strategy. AFH maintains a carefully selected, screened network of NASD broker-dealers, investment bankers and service partners available to clients. Along with our institutional partners, AFH also invests our own firm's capital in clients.

Capital formation strategies include:
- Initial Public Offering(IPO)
- Alternative Public Offering (APO)
- Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE)
- Mezzanine Financing
- Bridge Loan Financing

While an IPO may be appropriate for some companies, AFH also offers a unique method of APO implementation. Unlike other processes, the AFH model of APO creates a publicly traded company that is introduced for trading directly onto a senior exchange (such as the American Stock Exchange ("AMEX") or the NASDAQ National Market ("NASDAQ") with simultaneous access to capitalization. The benefits are obvious: the smoother, faster registration process of an Alternative Public Offering, coupled with the immediate liquidity and capitalization potential of an IPO.

Collateralized Stock Lending:

AFH Holding and Advisory offers publicly traded companies across the globe the ability to raise capital and improve liquidity through a stock collateralized loan. Our Terms are individually tailored for each client -from several months to several years - and we have the ability to loan up to 10% of the market cap of any publicly traded company.

Capital formation strategies include:
- Non-Recourse: Never at risk for more than the pledged assets)
- Access to Capital: No limit to loan size for qualified transactions
- Upside: Borrower can benefit from asset appreciation
- Ability to loan across all capital markets

Regulation & Compliance:

Our advisors and our network of professionals provide the critical guidance on SEC regulations, accounting, legal and investor relations support services designed to provide a seamless transition to a public company. Among the services offered include:

- Corporate Governance
- Corporate Structure
- Interim CFO Support
- SEC Filings
- Investor Relations

Strategic Planning:

AFH Holding and Advisory is committed to our client's success and further growth. We provide a number of services to help facilitate growth including:

- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Expansion Plans
- Joint Ventures
- Partnerships
- Business Consulting