Affairs Magazine is an online publication magazine/blog, made up of writers from all around the world, who have come together on a common interest. ENTERTAINMENT ON THE GO. Affairs Magazine soars with it's fashion & entertainment coverage on the best of the best in the media.

With its collective slogan "for the fans by the fans," Affairs Magazine likes to report what the fans are asking for. Give the people what they want!

We cover book, television, movie, and music reviews, along with new releases. Affairs Magazine specializes in Beauty & Fashion with a team based in Chicago, IL. Our Fashion Team covers a wide variety of events ranging from store openings to fashion shows.


In April of 2012, Affairs Magazine signed on as a media sponsor for Plus Fashion Week Chicago.

In September of 2012 Affairs Magazine partnered with Sassy B Worldwide Productions covering Chicago based organizations spotlighting fitness, positive body image, and children's outreach programs.

As of September 2012 Affairs Magazine has reached over 90,000 monthly viewers/subscribers.