The site will enable African Manufacturers and service providers to market themselves using the Internet and also involve themselves in Business opportunities provided by international organizations like African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).
The site provides resource information about traditional African business organizations  (Hotels, Banks, Real Estate, Tourism, Vehicles manufactures in Africa and many more ) it allow job seeker and job providers avenue to reach out to each other. Manufacturers and distributors can locate each other.
The site is designed to offer greater breadth and scope of business activity on the continent,  it provides helpful editorial content and links to even more valuable information for small business, it also provide valuable information and encourage for entrepreneurial African Continent.
The reason for this website is to encourage the use of local products and encourage inter regional business integrations as stated in Africa Union (AU) acts and Africa regional acts.
We realized the potential of opening up Africa to itself and to the World that is yet to see the beauty of Africa and its people. Africa is not only about Somalia, Darfur, War, Hunger and mineral resource. Africa is about everything that is good that can be found in other countries, the manufacturing sector and service sector of most Africa countries are doing well and can compete in any neutral environment
We want people to do business in the comfort of their Homes and offices. We simply want to bring Africa to the ICT world
Our mission is to create a website that will be easy to use  
And for consumers to find products or locate services provider very close to them.
We invite the world to take advantage of our data base and find products or companies they may want to do business with in Africa