Progressive Health Innovations Inc., is a privately held health technology company that develops user-friendly and affordable products for the rehabilitation, sports medicine and fitness markets. The first product line being launched is the AFX, a foot and ankle-strengthening technology targeted at the rehabilitation and athletic training markets.

AFX is a revolutionary new strengthening system that enables you to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the entire foot and ankle. The feet and ankles are the foundation to human movement. When you put AFX to work, you’re harnessing a source of strength you never knew you had.

What Makes AFX Unique?

Innovative Resistance System

A variety of resistance bands allow for complete, balanced strengthening from early stage rehabilitation to high-performance athletic training.

Flexible Foot Support

Strong yet comfortable, the flexible foot sup-port provides excellent grip, allows the user to arch or extend the foot and toes, strengthen intrinsic muscles, and ensures proper anatomical alignment regardless of foot length.

Multi-Directional Strengthening

The AFX design allows you to strengthen through a complete range of motion, safely and ef­fectively – something other weight-bearing devices and exercises can’t offer.

Functional Strengthening

AFX’s resistance system, foot support and multi-directional strengthening enable you to mirror movements that are specific to your sport or activity. It also allows for cutting-edge training techniques, including eccentric loading.

Easy-To-Use and Portable

AFX has been designed with you in mind – just strap in and go! Whether you’re coming back from an injury or going for gold, a few minutes a week in one comfortable position can produce remarkable results.

What is Included with the AFX

·      Ongoing online support including free training programs and instructional videos

·      Low, medium and high resistance band sets

·      25 minute instructional DVD

·      Free ailment / performance-specific programs

·      Full-colour instructional poster

·      Carrying bag

AFX offers athletes and active individuals a hidden source of strength. Your feet and ankles are a critical, though under appreciated part of athletic performance. By strengthening them, you decrease your risk of injury, and dramatically improve your jumping ability, speed, balance and agility.

Please visit:  www.afx-online.com to view more of what the AFX has to offer.