December 1, 2020
AGC ELECTRIC, INC Workers and Families
2660 W 79th Street,
Hialeah, FL. 33016.
Ph: 305-823 2280
Fax: 305-828 4515
Website: www.warrenhenryautoabuse.com
Email: info@warrenhenryautoabuse.com

Since October 2019, workers, families, and friends of AGC Electric Inc have been peacefully Demonstrating outside the Warren Henry Auto dealership in North Miami, at Broward Lamborghini, and Land Rover of South Dade, Protesting Violations of the fair workers act. Throughout the Warren Henry Auto Dealers North Miami multi-million-dollar expansion, AGC Electric, and its employees received high rating approvals from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (City of North Miami Building Inspection Department) for their exemplary and high-quality work on the project.

AGC Electric, Inc and its employees are highly rated and recognized by several governments, educational, and private organizations, including but not limited to Miami Dade County School Board, Broward County Public School, Florida Department of Transportation, Miami Dade County Transportation and Public Work Department, City of Miami, City of Coral Gables, City of Miami Beach, City of Florida City, City of Key West, Monroe County PW, Florida International University, Miami Dade College, Johnson and Johnson, Trividia, Merk, Cordis, Codman, Beckman Coulter, Nutranext, Stob Brothers, etc.  

Without notice, on October 24, 2019, Warren Henry Group, through their out of State agents without prior notification or reason, installed armed guards on the employee entrance to prevent AGC Electric Inc employees’ access to the worksite and their personal and Corporate tools and equipment. At that time, Warren Henry Auto Group, through its armed guards, took possession of their tools and Company equipment. This illegal action prevented the employees from being able to work on other AGC Electric Inc. projects. These unlawful actions by Warren Henry Group through their agents caused an unnecessary financial burden on AGC Electric Inc and its family of employees, which Warren Henry Group and its Agents have never compensated nor rectified.

The Warren Henry Group armed guards intimidated the employees and forced them to leave without retrieving their tools, equipment, and personal property. AGC Electric Inc’s employees, families, and friends had to exercise their 1st amendment right. We called the N. Miami Police to have their Tools and equipment returned. We protested the unfair Labor practices treatment by Warren Henry through their Agents. The N. Miami police notified Warren Henry Auto Group, Agents, and employees their actions were unlawful and instructed them to allow AGC Electric Inc’s employees to retrieve their tools and equipment.

Furthermore, Warren Henry Auto Group and its Agents have withheld payments to AGC Electric Inc and its employees for services performed. AGC Electric Inc., being a Small Business Minority Contractor, could not fund and issue annual bonuses to its employees who worked on our projects.

AGC Electric Inc. employees, during the execution of work by their employees at the Warren Henry Group project, were exposed to a wide range of abuses at the job site. Workers at the site communicated that the Warren Henry Auto Group, through their agents, did not supply the appropriate minimum requirements under the Florida Building Code 2017 to safeguard laborers and outlined numerous safety issues, some as basic as Potable water stations or sufficient Portable toilets for the number of employees on site.

For months, workers had to hand carry heavy loads of building materials and supplies up several flights of stairs at the job site. Warren Henry Group and its agents made a cost savings decision to not supply personnel elevator or material lifts from the 3rd to 7th floors, including roof level.

Workers were forced to park their vehicles several blocks away, forcing long walks when first arrival during the day tool requirements and dismissal time every day. Warren Henry’s representatives and agents were allowed to park on-site.

Workers were exposed to fumes (Ammonia-type odors) since the building was built over the known as “Interama” Munisport landfill, an EPA Superfund Site. Over the years, 55-gallon drums have been found leabeen found leaking on the site. FIU students have complained about the foul odors on the site.Warren Henry Auto Group through their agents and Attorneys have been delaying legal proceedings. Their tactics is to drive a minority contractor AGC ElectricInc out of business. AGC Electric Inc’s employees performed all work to code. AGC Electric Inc in good faith, has made several attempts to settle amicably. AGC Electric Inc and its employees advocate a “peaceful solutions” to this unwarranted abuse of a small minority contractor.