Your walnuts producer AgroFarwati Group of Ukraine…

We AgroFarwati Group grow and process walnuts, We are a very well establish group with an excellent tracking record, we are proud to be part of this Ukrainian walnuts producers association as a long tradition of walnuts farming. We feel good about the way we grow our walnuts and the way we treat the Earth in very Friendly treat.

Our Vision is aim to be one of the leaders in the walnut industry worldwide; the preferred brand choice of buyers worldwide and one of the largest and most established handler of walnuts. We have built relationships and provided our customers with a consistent supply of the finest quality products. We are a vertically integrated farming operation and raise, hull, dry, shell, sort, store, package and sell walnuts.

Our consistent and superior quality supply of products reflects a commitment to provide only the best service to both our traders and buyers.

Quality is Never an Accident. It is always the Result of High Intention, Sincere Efforts, Intelligent Direction and Skillful Execution.

The Company delivers competitive agricultural and food production obtained with use of the recent technologies of its production and processing in the market of Middle East , Europe, throughout the world.

Our secret of success is we had made a joint Venture with local farmers of co-operative association farmers of walnuts.

Almost all walnuts at our own warehouse basically from farmers to you, thus this gives us an age over our competitors,consequently we will have the combinations of both quality and competitive prices.

Having our own storage base in Ukraine, walnut, seeds, and export them at stably low prices during the year-round.

Understanding of business reputation has important significance for us.

Our five core values:

1. Accountability — Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers

2. Commitment — Commitment to roll great product, service and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the Group.

3. Consistency — Be consistent in offering the best for outstanding experience.

4. Integrity — To act with honesty, reliability and integrity without compromising the truth and trust.

5. Quality — Giving the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction.
Making use of services of our organization, you can be sure that in the person of our Company, you will find liable and respectable partner, always ready to make concessions

AgroFarwati Group is a leading Group with a diversified investment portfolio in Agriculture and commodities

AFG walnuts of Ukraine are produced on modern & fully automatic production line by skillful staffs & employees under the food safety management system ISO22000:2005, meet the food standards process.

AFG Walnuts meets the norms of international standards and our products are highly recommended worldwide.