AGS is an environmental graphics design and manufacturing company that creates signage and products to help people identify, navugate and understnd their environments.

Our diverse and talented team offers our clients expertise and knowledge in the disciplines of Custom Signage, ADA compliant signage, outdoor and building signage, wayfinding, and donor walls. We offer a seamless process in managing projects from concept through installation.

Our clients include hospitals, medical centers, schools and universities, corporate headquarters, malls, retail, office buildings, parking garages, museums, and cities and towns.

Our Access Interior Sign System is a pre-designed ADA compliant sign system that allows you to pick from a menu of building signage. Access includes directories, directional signs, office and workstation ID, informational, and regulatory signage. Access meets the needs of any facility with a complete offering of signs that are easily specified, ordered and maintained. The signs and inserts can easily be modified or replaced as facilities or personnel change. Each sign is finished with a durable, metallic satin polyurethane finish in a variety of standard colors.

Please call us to discuss your next construction or renovation project.