Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) is a solar energy contractor (i.e., integrator, EPC) with a roofing heritage. Since 2007, clients have relied on AGT’s extensive experience and expertise to design, procure, and install the most advanced rooftop and ground mount solar energy systems throughout the world. AGT has completed more than +75MW of rooftop solar solution and leads a Joint Venture EPC effort that has completed +650MW of ground mount solar solutions. Additionally, AGT's sister company (Advanced Roofing, Inc.) is a founding member of RoofConnect, making AGT part of a national network of top tier roofing organization in the United States. This deep commercial roofing knowledge and experience allows AGT to offer unparalleled rooftop solar solutions that distinguishes it from other solar energy contractors that do not have this depth of experience. Learn more at www.AGT.com.