A Greater Town - A Home Page For Every Town™

A Greater Town is a communications vehicle for towns and cities, with the purpose of stimulating commerce and connectivity, in which small businesses, artists, community organizers, non-profits, and others that comprise the life of a town can post their marketing materials directly, together with bulk feeds from corporate partners distributing local data.

Town home pages will serve for browsing local businesses and events as well as for concentrating local news, streaming TV and radio broadcasting, weather, hyper-local deep links to partner sites, useful contacts, business networking, message and bulletin boards, coupons, contests, etc.

A Greater Town also serves as a dynamic posting mechanism in which pages exist independently as mini-websites or springboards out to partner source sites, filed by category and location, with each town at center of the global grid. Categories and locations expand and interconnect to form a greater entity, hence the name.

Regarding real estate, the goal is to allow real estate marketing to be presented within a social media, community oriented context.

At this early stage the site works principally to enable search engine empowered self-publishing, rather than site as destination.