AHOY is a Dubai-based startup specializing in the development of novel technology in the form of a platform that encompasses software and IoT (internet of things) hardware technology to optimize mobility operations for both transportation and logistics using AHOY’s own take on state-of-the-art ACO (ant colony organizational) algorithms, AI and machine learning technology, and innovative IoT-ware designs coupled with mapping and navigation technology.
AHOY, unlike typical logistics/last mile companies, cares about interfaces, goes beyond UI by applying its core technology with a focus on e-commerce enablement, and raises the bar regarding interactions and technical integrations with stakeholders, the management of seamless operations, the management of UX for all stakeholders, and the exploration of new horizons. The B2B2C operations will commenced on May 10, 2020, enabling companies to offer same-day flat-rate deliveries across the UAE, short COD cycles, and payment integrations. The “freemium” version which is going to be available-to-public self-signup on the company’s website (ahoy.ae) by Q3 of 2020 will act as a support tool that allows businesses to manage their delivery operations using their own assets, while also being able to tap into AHOY’s sophisticated yet simplified last mile resource pool in the event that demand suddenly surged with a lower than ever “barrier-to-entry” to scale on-demand.