The Harmony Expansion Story!
We began this Journey August of 2018! 15 months later, a labor of Love has emerged. Prayers answered Blessings received.

Hi Friends, family and supporters of Harmony! It is my great pleasure to expand on the Vision I had begun in 2002, when I first opened on Maryland Pkwy with one Station, then to paradise road in 2003 with 2 nail stations and 1 pedicure spa, and then to Commercial Center in 2004 with 900 square feet, with 2 pedicure stations, 3 nail stations and a gift shop, in 2005 doubling our size and becoming a full service salon & spa with 5 hair stations, 2 pedicure spas, 3 nail stations and 3 treatment rooms! Wow it was fast growth and lots of hard work. One Manicure, One Pedicure, One Day at a time!

Finally a space opened up last year that I always wanted as we were outgrowing our current space, especially for large parties.

Now in 2019 we have 22 service areas that can accomodate 23 services at one time! Wow!

When I began 17 years ago my vision was to bring better customer service than what I saw was out there, to raise the bar and do better, I knew I could do that! Within the first year I began to cultivate my personal spiritual beliefs and treatments into the menu, and to let my spirit shine through in my business, which included, aromatherapy, affirmations, energy healing, intuitive healing, numerology, feng shui, astrology, reiki, working with Angels, and channeled writing and so much more.

At first I was not sure it would go well, but what I found out was my clients loved it, and now there are a variety of holistic services available for everyone.

Not everyone believes in healing from the natural world, or understands how energy healing works, and some think the way of intuition, essential oils, herbs, and natures gifts are all phooey and are somehow the "devils workshop"

What science now is proving is knowledge that all shamans, medicine woman, & men and natural healers have known and used for centuries. Science is proving for those who need science to show them them fact from fiction. There is healing in Nature!

I am grateful to be able to do what I do, I love people, I love helping people. My vision is to help activate the healing force within and bring about Harmony for the body mind and spirit. Beauty is not just skin deep. Beauty is a self healing spiritual ritual of self care, that restores, reinvigorates, and rejuvenates on many levels.

I invite you to experience the Magic of Harmony!

Thank you and blessings to you all,

Sincerely, Paula Josephine Sadler