American Investors Association has teamed up exclusively with Nationwide Real Estate which means you get access to the Nation’s premier resource for real estate investing and investment property. In this challenging real estate environment, it’s crucial that any purchase you make be based on a solid foundation of knowledge, verifiable expertise, and bottom-line results. While it’s easy to find real estate investment resources, clubs and guru’s scattered throughout the internet, Nationwide Real Estate prides itself on being one of the few companies with real, verifiable experience in the real estate industry.

The difference between Nationwide Real Estate and many other investment property resources is that they are NOT brokers looking to sell you on deals where they earn the highest commission. They actually own every property they sell and therefore take personal interest in making sure that our investments, and yours, show sustainable, long term results. The time has never been better to “be a vulture” and to take advantage of this incredible buyer’s market. Contact us today to learn more about our investment properties, our premier inventory of REO, foreclosure, rent ready and wholesale properties in qualified markets across the country.

Knowledge is the Key to Success
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you probably realize the most important factor that will determine your success as a real estate investor is not only your ability to find and fund great real estate investments but how to profit from it once you purchased it. That is where AIA comes in.

Education is good, experience is better, success is best.
The American Investors Association Founders recognize the necessity for the continued growth in all three areas. Our continued expansion in these areas allows us to stay current on what is going on in the real estate industry, offer new and innovative solutions, provide great investment properties, provide ongoing education to our investors and continue to achieve the satisfying results our clients have come to expect. Our prospective clients can trust in our well-earned reputation and continued presence in the real estate industry and the markets we serve nationwide.

The Founders of American Investors Association have more than 40 years combined experience. With strong backgrounds in REO acquisitions, Foreclosures, Rehabbing, Marketing, Lending, Notes and more, they have the knowledge and experience needed to assess your real estate investment needs and accurately help you with a plan of action. At American Investors Association we take the time to clearly listen to our clients so we may best understand their investment needs.

We understand our clients and the difficulties of investing here in a market like we have today. For most clients the process is completely new and therefore holds many, many questions that need to be addressed and understood. We pride ourselves on our customer service and being there for our clients through the entire process weather you are buying your first investment property or you are the seasoned investors looking to buy in bulk. American Investors Association understands the need to not only offer great investment opportunities but to offer the highest level of customer service to our clients

Dedication, knowledge and hard work have allowed American Investors Association to provide exceptional service and satisfaction to our clients. If you appreciate the importance and value of experience and knowledge in achieving your real estate goals, please contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.