In accordance with the EU-67-548-EEC Law on Toxicology, HIV-AIDS is exposed since 2004 as an RNA-overglutt that is stopped with COBRA ANTIDOTE. Thanks to OUIJA ORIENTAL MEDICINE $, Safari Med. Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann assisted a global warning campaign that has cured many AIDS cases and DIABETES, and some managable forms of CANCER. By giving out simple costfree information on a simple RNA-overglutt detox plan carried out at home. Patients may also purchase highest grade COBRA ANTIDOTE detoxin made of extremely agressive primed bitter tannic acid of plant gall molasses extracts that work within 2 minutes to 24 hrs. The cure will be extremely rapid and successfull in the privacy at home, - and will only cost the patient some courage. Patients can also stay anonymous. We give you costfree legal advice on medical poisoning in accordance with the medical law on toxicology, carcinogens, and carcinoma! For more details see our website http://www.aids-scandal.com or http://www.cobra-antidote.com