Over the past 12 years, AID Translations has specialized in life science translation and software/website localization services. We also provide multilingual desktop publishing (DTP). We concentrate on a specific area of expertise, we have focused on the life science and IT industry to give you the best quality possible.
We are a translations agency catering to other Multi Language Vendor (MLVs), Single Language Vendors (SLVs) and direct clients around the globe who need a dependable, trustworthy, highly professional, cost-effective, and punctual Contractor.
We have a Production Office located in Córdoba, Argentina, with 10 in-house Professional Translators, 2 Account Managers, 5 Project Managers and over 150 freelancers, giving us the opportunity to offer you very competitive rates.

AIDTranslations has the capacity to handle large scale and small projects with the same quality and commitment our clients deserve. No matter if your projects require extensive translation, localization, DTP, or voice-over work, AIDTranslations will perform with excellence every task you need.
Why Outsource to AIDTranslations?
Because your time and energy are best used on mission-critical issues, you deserve to have the very best in outsourcing services. Hiring skilled manpower is a crucial yet time consuming process. You need the best talent available, and that peace of mind that only comes along when you know you've hired the best. Outsourcing is a proven strategy in business today, and making the right choice in outsourcing companies is the single most important factor to consider in ensuring that you don't end up sacrificing product and service quality.

AIDTranslations completes translation projects in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese ,with an emphasis on the following industries and fields:

•     Life science  / Medical and Pharmaceutical
•     Healthcare
•     Technology
•     Legal
•     Financial
•     Manufacturing
•     Marketing and Advertising