The Toy Research Institute (AIJU) is a non-profit making organisation, located in Ibi, the Spanish geographic centre for the manufacture of toys. It was founded in 1985 with the collaboration of the Spanish Toy Manufacturers Association (AEFJ) and the Regional Government (IMPIVA).

Its aim is to transfer and allow toy manufacturers access to the knowledge of new technologies in order to improve their competitivity, while offering technological and financial assessment and supporting the professional development of people involved in the sector. For this purpose, it has a staff of 75 professionals who develop their work in the different departments that make up AIJU. Moreover, this organization has the required infrastructure to manage the different activities it undertakes.

The department intended to carry out these tasks is that of Product Development – Laboratory Department, specifically the Processing and Materials area, in close collaboration with the Chemical Area. These areas have several research lines for the study of materials, process monitoring, materials in contact with foodstuffs and the development of test methodologies for the analysis of organic and inorganic toxic compounds, among others.

AIJU has been accredited by ENAC for the carrying out of global migration tests on all simulants for food contact plastic materials since 2005. Additionally, it is an active member of the Technological Platform for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors, EuMAT and Manufuture, among others, and member of the “Materials” group promoted by REDIT, the RDT Centres of IMPIVA’s Network.

In the field of standardisation, the entity is working on the potential feasibility of proposed legislation as well as new safety criteria for toys, with participation in several proficiency testing schemes both, on a National and European Level, between it is relevant the Spanish Technical Committee AEN/CTN 172/SC2 of childcare articles. Thus, it is participating in the development of new standards for toys in the European Committee of Normalization (CEN).

Would you like further information, please visit: www.aiju.info.