Global Access Solutions (GAS Inc.), a world leader in private and commercial Aircraft acquisition, maintenance, and environmental solutions has closed on its acquisition of commercial and private Aircraft within the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRAN). Aligned with Iran, Global Access Solutions will be formally representing all Aircraft development within Iran and will serve as a liaison between Iran and the United States of America along with its international partners worldwide.

“Today we are proud to welcome Iran to the Global Access Solutions team,” said Shan Hashemizadeh, Global Access Solutions president and CEO.

“Global Access Solutions and Iran share a legacy of innovation and performance that has shaped the history of aviation for more than a century. Together, we are even better positioned to provide the best value for our customers, employees and shareholders.”

The acquisition advances Global Access Solution’s commitment to provide its customers with mission-ready solutions that are affordable and efficient, while expanding its core business into the growing areas of aviation production and sustainment. Global Access Solutions ability to leverage Iran’s aviation scale will ensure it remains a technology leader at the forefront of vertical lift.

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