Applegate Image Transfer was set up with the intention of creating a source for printing sublimation products at affordable prices. Our primary focus is to provide small volume production runs for artists and retailers to market. Small quantities at affordable wholesale pricing could be a valuable resource to test your market.

What is inkjet dye sublimation? The dye sublimation process uses a heat activated sublimation dye dissolved in a liquid to print graphics and text onto a special inkjet paper called a dye sub transfer. The dye sub transfer and the target item are placed in a heat press. During the heating cycle, the sublimation dye is evaporated quickly to a gas (sublimation) and then returning directly to a solid after penetrating the adjacent pores of the polymerized surface of the target item. The image surface is smooth to the touch, because the infused gases penetrate the polymer surface under pressure before cooling and turning back into to solids.

Imagine your original art or photography on unique home decor & gift items!