A & J Management helps organizations increase revenues, obtain financing, operate more effectively, save money, become more strategic, and grow their organizations.  We also help individuals become entrepreneurs, purchase businesses, protect their assets, make solid investment choices, and build their net worth.  A trusted advisor to help you strategize and achieve your goals.

A & J Management's advisory process focuses on practical solutions utilizing best practices for you.  We employ careful analysis, real-world experience, and a proprietary system to provide customized solutions for you.  We also have an extensive network of quality business partners to assist you every step of the way. We don’t only make recommendations, we ensure that your plans are implemented successfully.
Initial Consultation - A & J Management initially meets with clients in order to understand their challenges, concerns, and aspirations.

Advisory Assessment - A & J Management analyzes initial meeting insights along with responses to a confidential client survey to assess areas for adding value.

Recommended Strategies - A & J Management's follow up client meeting focuses on strategies for client engagement and extablishing goals.

Implementation - A & J Management Advisors and their network of quality business partners deliver upon established implementation plans.

Ongoing Support - A & J Management continues to support client efforts on an as needed basis.