Integrated Marketing, Media, Sponsorships, Events, Publicity and

•     Business Plan Development and Business Development Management
•     Brand Imaging/Affiliate Marketing
•     Audio/Video/Print Production and Focused Direct Mail
•     Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Copywriting
•     High Impact Point-Of-Purchase Materials
•     Focus Groups and Research
•     Program Specific Brochures, Training Manuals/Programs and Newsletters

•     Media Buying Services and Placement
•     Design and Production of New and Traditional Media to Complement Initiatives

•     Sales and Revenue Generation
•     Auctions
•     Product Placement/Launches & Vehicle Studio Rentals
•     Customized Experiential Event Marketing, including event staffing, bartenders,
                      caterers, servers, security and coordination
•     Celebrity Speakers, Entertainment, DJ’s and Bands

•     Press Releases/Kits for New Products, Product Launches and Talent.
•     Press Tours/Bookings
•     Consumer Correspondence Management

•     Sales Cycle Analysis/Sales Force Development and Training Specialties
•     Performance Management/Improvement

Custom Marketing/PR Blogs             Social Media Building
Infomercials                 Media Buying
Informational Videos                 Commercials
Monthly Wine/Cheese Mixers             Business to Business Ads
Target Marketing                 Product Placement
Media Campaigns                 Branding
Green Campaigns                 Billboard Advertisements
Video Website Tours                 Website Promotion
Website Building                 Branding
Trade Shows                 Link Building