That which does not kill us makes us stronger, but that which does kill us makes us stronger still.

Our heroine attempts to convince herself that everything happens for a reason as she is torn from her well-established though mundane life and is thrown into a tornado of everything she most fears:  pain, uncertainty, and a passionate love that will require all of her strength to keep alive.  A stranger with a dark past and an even darker present unwillingly involves her in a horrific adventure that spans centuries, testing her faith and forcing her to wonder how much influence she truly has over her own destiny.  

Shades of Grey, my completed manuscript at 97,000 words is a thought provoking suspense novel.  The drama is designed for women readers, ages thirty-five to sixty that have established themselves as independent professionals, managing work and home-life and enjoy reading intelligent fiction as a temporary escape from their hectic lives.  The story-line can be compared to Stephanie Meyers, but for a more mature audience.