AJoy's is located in the Fort Mill, SC (Greater Charlotte) area. We will be hosting different classes every month depending on the requests. The possibilities are great! From crocheting/knitting to American Sign Language we would love to inspire you on in your walk of life with creative juices flowing!
Sometimes intimidation towards things can be a hindrance to us. Crocheting, for me seemed such a foreign thing. I used to watch a woman work on her squares and I would think, "How in the world does she know where to put her little loops??"
Finally, after seeing the amazingly cute things to crochet online, I got out my book and I tried to learn. Chaining was easy, but figuring out how to do an actual stitch was another story. I brought my book, 1 crochet hook, and yarn to my Home Group, hoping someone there could help me, to no avail. But I didn't give up, I was sitting and waiting to babysit in my car, staring at the foreign pictures. I said, "God, I really want to learn to crochet, can you please help me understand how to do it??" He answered, and I all of a sudden had a eureka! moment! I started to stitch!! Hurray and thank God! Eventually I learned how to read patterns and have now made a BUNCH of things. My favorite thing is create new things with the LORD!
So, I want to help you, teach you and have fun learning together. Get over the hurdles of not understanding and overcome!
This is a very fresh company that started in September, so the website is still in process, but know it will be changing and growing!
If you have a creative business that makes things or have classes, please check out the "Connections" page on the website and decide if you want on it! It is FREE advertising for you, but I would need to talk to you first;)
Have a fabulous day and do something fun!