Altanova helps clients reduce environmental and financial costs and risk, and increase revenues, to achieve sustainable growth in rapidly changing markets. Our unrivalled expertise in the integration of science, technology, and business, is the basis for our solutions in three practice areas—Corporate Sustainability, High Performance Buildings, and Industrial Process Performance. Through research, analytics, strategy development, and project implementation, we create lasting value for clients from such opportunities as carbon emissions reduction, energy and water efficiency, product, service and business model innovation, and ‘green’ marketing.

Our team members have developed and implemented sustainability strategies for large multinationals, improved the environmental performance of several hundred new and existing buildings of all types (many seeking LEED certification), and designed and implemented renewable energy technologies. We have also enhanced manufacturing process resource efficiencies, evaluated new technologies, and performed life cycle analyses to determine the environmental impacts and benefits of various products.

Altanova partners across industries and sectors, and draws on our relationships with utilities, government, trade associations, not-for-profits, other consultants, and sources of financial and other incentives, to optimize client solutions.