Altechna is a reliable supplier of laser optics, crystals, lasers and optomechanics. Since 1996 professional staff and trustworthy partners allows us to offer a wide range of laser related products and custom solutions as well as consultations from the qualified physicists. Altechna ensures high quality of all the products as they are thoroughly tested and inspected in our in-house metrology laboratory.

Altechna products include:

*  General optics
*  Polarization optics
*  Laser & nonlinear crystals
*  Lasers & laser accessories
*  Custom optics
*  Metrology and other services

Main activities:

* Trade and manufacture of laser related components
* Design of optomechanical assemblies
* Innovative solutions for academic and industrial customers

Our strengths:

* ISO 9001 certified quality management system
* Flexible support by qualified physicists staff
* Product quality assurance with in-house metrology laboratory
* Multiple laser related solutions from one source
* Over 3000 standard product catalog available online at www.altechna.com
* Specialized e-shop www.femtosolutions.eu for ultra short pulse related products.
* A wide range of laser optics direct from stock on www.instockoptics.com
* Direct and prompt order shipment