ALT is a 3D printing service bureau that specializes in advanced materials and next generation additive manufacturing. ALT works with customers to develop unique 3D print designs, fabricate prototypes and create custom projects at affordable prices. ALT can rapidly fabricate prototypes with standard materials (PLA, Nylon, TPU, Ninjaflex) and traditional 3D printing processes but specializes in developing novel deposition capabilities for a range of unique materials and colors. ALT assists clients in developing new printing processes, custom materials, and complex multi-material structures targeting sustainability, reduced raw materials costs, and shortened delivery lead times.

ALT is pioneering advancements in 3D printing hardware and software, which will define a new era of manufacturing. ALT specializes in novel additive manufacturing technology producing quality custom shapes for rapid prototyping with superior performance and productivity. ALT is currently developing and characterizing new advanced materials and composites with unique properties. Work at ALT focuses primarily on unique manufacturing and materials development that enables 3D prints with embedded electronics using conductive, piezoelectric, and polymer-based inks with curing and sintering capabilities. Both thermosets and thermoplastics can be deposited in highly functional objects and macro/nanocomposite structures for high strength and high conductivity.