A Little Pet Vet’s mission is to provide our customers with exceptional pet products. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are endorsed by Veterinarians. We are a values-driven company and our team is dedicated to bringing you the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Enjoy Yums treats are a delicious, yet healthy treat that animal lovers will feel safe to give their horses or dogs.Enjoy Yums are made out of simple ingredients. Rice Bran, our main ingredient has a naturally sweet nuttiness that horses find irresistible. Fruits and Veggies with a touch of natural flavors give our treats a rich taste and aroma.  Just open the bag and experience the fresh baked aroma for yourself!  Carefully combined, the ingredients are slow baked in low temperature ovens to preserve Enjoy Yums’ natural goodness.  With only 6 all natural ingredients, animals LOVE the taste.  Enjoy Yums are safe for all farm animals and come in 3 flavors, Apple, Carrot and Mint.

The newly US Patented Illuminated Hoof pick can now boast being the only hoof pick in America that sheds light directly on where it's needed most, in the horse's hoof.  The strong LED light and stainless steel pick make the Illuminated Hoof Pick the only choice when picking feet.