Only started in the summer of 2015 "A Little Special" markets a variety of products all with the possibility of being personalised.
It offers the shopper great opportunities for finding a gift with the necessary inscription or text on the product for virtually every occasion.
Whether you have a birthday to celebrate or you are looking something for Christmas, Easter or Valentines Day, it can be found online.
With a fast delivery time and low shipping cost the customer is king.
The brands we deal with are Me to You, Bang on the Door, Purple Ronnie, Cotton Zoo, Keep Calm and UK Football Clubs.
The list of products available is endless but include jewellery, Clothing items, glassware, mugs, wedding and christening albums, food, photo frames, blankets, money boxes, bears, calendars, cutlery, plates, children's bibles, balloons, trinket boxes, paint glasses, tankards, tumblers, gift sets, personalised cards for all occasions......
The list is endless. It really gives the customer the choice it requires.