AM-PM productions, one of South Africa's fast growing independent Music Production house, offering a range of entertainment services to personal, commercial and corporate customers.  

Interacting with customers via physical and electronic channels, the company offers a comprehensive range of entertainment services - from basic products and services for the low-income personal market, to customised solutions for the commercial and corporate markets, as well as assurance and management products and services.

We currently offer the following entertainment product and services:

-     Recording and final mix.
-     Audio production services.
-     Voice over’s.
-     Composition.
-     Jingles.
-     Annual theme songs for companies.
-     Artist / Performers.
-     Branded Compilations.

In addition, we have the following artists to compliment the services:

1. Dj Clock. (Producer and Disc Jockey)
2. Bantu Soul. (Artist/singer/ Songwriter)
3. Dj Mshega (Composer/Disc Jockey)
4. Lady Du. (Disc Jockey, Singer and Dancer)
5. S’the (Engineer, Composer all gendre's and themes, Final mixer)

*For detailed info, email ‘request’ to edgar@ampmproductions.biz