AMB, located in the western suburbs of Chicago was formed over ten years ago as a data quality consulting firm.  It has evolved into a powerful force in the data quality software industry with a value proposition that is difficult to argue.  AMB clients range from multi-nationals and mid-market organizations along with a network of professionals skilled in data quality awareness.  Our solutions utilize the latest in technology and their affordability endorse viral expansion.
Data is growing at exponential rates, while data trustworthiness is at all time lows. We have reached a tipping point where more data is suspect than is trusted.  In a recent study conducted by IBM and Accenture, 92% of respondents stated that they routinely use either wrong (50%) or useless (42%) data as the basis of their decisions.

AMB provides data quality software and consulting solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries.  These solutions aid organizations in meeting regulatory requirements, enhance customer service, optimize operational performance and lend trust to decision making.  AMB technology offers an integrated approach to overall data governance.  Data profiling, parsing and standardization, cleansing, matching, monitoring and enrichment are common industry terms that compose the solutions that AMB's new generation solutions on data governance delivers.

In this highly communicative global economy we live in today, the availability of trustworthy information is critical.  

AMB New Generation Data Empowerment offers a comprehensive approach to your data governance needs with ground breaking features to locate, identify, discover, manage and protect your overall data infrastructure.

AMB New Generation technology goes beyond alternative, antiquated solutions to deliver real-time dynamic results for data migration, unified views of your customers, and decision making based on accurate reporting.  By combining powerful integrated features like SOA, InfoExpose, outlier detection and In-Stream Validator, AMB empower's you with solutions that ensure compliance and trust.