Nadlan Valuation is the Appraisal Management Company for Main Street. We believe we are helping to rebuild America, one appraisal at a time. Nadlan Valuation is committed to being appraiser of choice for local and community banks, credit unions and other and other small, mid-size and regional lenders, nation-wide. Our operations office is located in Brooklyn, NY, but our appraisers are located right in your area.
What we do?
Nadlan Valuation is your appraisal partner, whether you are a residential or commercial lender. We will manage your entire appraisal process and deliver the most reliable appraisal reports, reducing your costs of internal review and compliance. Nadlan Valuation’s appraisal management services have the capabilities and expertise of a large national appraisal management company with the personal touch of a boutique.
How we do it?
Nadlan Valuation’s “Triple Check” for perfect reports is what sets us apart from other AMCs. We pick the “Right Appraiser”, “Screen your report for errors” using our valuation software, and finally your report gets a “Comprehensive Professional Review” by Nadlan professionals who review both the appraiser’s report and the results of the computer analysis to identify any problems or inconsistencies, delivering the perfect report, first time, every time. If your reports have a custom quality control check, just let us know and we will be happy to add that as well.
What makes us different?
Nadlan Valuation is not just another appraisal management company, we are appraisers ourselves. We never broadcast appraisal “bids” online. We know that your appraisal is only as good as the appraiser, so we have an extensive, ongoing, 5 step appraiser evaluation and review process. This process ensures that your appraisals are being completed by the best appraisers in your market.
How can we help you?
Nadlan Valuation knows that all lenders have unique needs. We assist lenders in the ways that help them the most. Lenders can outsource their entire appraisal process to Nadlan Valuation or we can handle their “out of area” appraisals only. Nadlan Valuation, Appraisal Management you can bank on. Give us a call at 800-948-2121 to get started today!