AMPCO Contracting, Inc. has spent the last  12 years building a reputation for superior demolition, environmental and earthwork services throughout California. By combining an entrepreneurial spirit with precise project and business management practices, AMPCO has grown from a small local contractor to a regional powerhouse with more than $100 million in annual revenues.

We are now poised for exponential growth in new markets.
Started by Andrew Pennor and Michael King in 2004, AMPCO has grown into one of the largest preconstruction contractors in the California. However, the goal was never to be the biggest but to be the best.

AMPCO has spent endless hours honing its operations and project management expertise in order to be one of the most competitive demolition, abatement and earthwork contractors, while providing premiere service to all its clients.

We realized early on that in order to provide truly comprehensive preconstruction services, we needed to be licensed experts in all aspects of demolition, environmental abatement and earthwork. AMPCO holds all licenses pertaining to these three major components of preconstruction. This allows AMPCO to vertically integrate all it services into a turnkey approach to service our clients.

By having one of the most comprehensive licensing portfolios, AMPCO is allowed more flexibility with production and project management. This leads to tighter schedules that often come in under budget and before the deadline. We maintain a crew that is versatile between all preconstruction scopes so many of the same team members are on the job through each phase of the project, ensuring production levels are maintained from day one.