AMP is a full-service production company - from script to screen, from concept to completion, from design to delivery - located in Dallas, Texas. We also provide cameras and crews for other production companies and broadcasters. AMP Events is our live corporate events production entity.

AMPs founders and principals, Amy Lou and Sandy Abernethy have over 30 years combined experience writing, producing, shooting, editing and delivering corporate video projects. Patty Lewis, who heads up AMP Events, combines years of performing experience with her 11 years-plus of experience as a live events producer to deliver exceptional business-focused meetings and events.

Flexibility and responsiveness are our hallmarks. We understand budgets and timelines. We collaborate with our clients to achieve the highest production value, the most creativity and the most effective communication out of every dollar spent.

At its heart, this is a business of communicating. With pictures, sound and words, we are getting your message to your audience. With this in mind, our top priority among our producing staff is the ability to receive, interpret and relay your message.

That's why our producers aren't just producers; they're writers as well. Quick studies, they can assess your communication needs, absorb your message and branding, create the right message and then organize and drive the process to make the right video for your company. Take a closer look at our team.

Our crews are extremely experienced. These professionals have shot everything from training videos, to documentaries, to broadcast live shots, to reality TV, to corporate marketing, to episodic TV.  This brings up the concept of flexibility. Our production coordinator finds the best crew to fit your job. Need someone who excels in fluid, fast-paced hand-held work? Maybe someone who has great skill shooting CEO talking heads in portrait style. Or maybe green screen is your cup of tea. Whatever the need, we’ll find the best director of photography for the job.

We’ve been working with these folks for years. We’ve not only seen their work, we’ve seen them AT work. We know they’re professional team players. We only send out crews that make us proud. They’ll make you proud, too.

Due to the excellence of our work and our commitment to client service, we’ve grown rapidly since our inception.  We began as a 2-person operation.  Now dozens of staff and freelancers operate out of our own 6,000 square foot production facility with soundstage and complete post production facilities.

We’re centrally located, close to downtown Dallas, providing easy access to the markets we serve: Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Irving, Frisco, Arlington and the entire North Texas area. We also provide video crews in Tyler, Wichita Falls, Amarillo, Waxahachie, Waco and Lubbock, and we have personnel available in Austin and Houston. We are also a principal source for TV crews in all parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, including the cities of Shreveport, Texarkana, Little Rock, Tulsa, Norman and Oklahoma City.

We are format-flexible, to coin a phrase. High definition or standard definition, whether your shoot requires miniDV, DVcam, BetaSP, P2, Digital Betacam (Digibeta) DVCPro25, DVCPro50, DVCPro100 (Varicam) or HDCam (Sony F900), we have the format you need.