American Musicians Radio is a Utah based company, who strictly promotes and plays local, independent and original music from all around the world on our online radio station.

AMR has been promoting the local music scene all around the world since 2009, giving everyone who signs up, free access to all local music to listen to at http://AMR.fm

AMR is proud to be part of the amazing global community for local music, doing everything we can to bring the music scene to the surface for communities to take notice.

We have been supporting local music, since 2009, with only 2 weeks starting our company, we were called "A direct threat to the industry" by the GM overseeing 13 major radio stations in Utah. We will continue to do so for many many many years to come.

We were told this concept would never work, we were told that no one would listen AND WE HAVE  PROVED THE CRITICS WRONG!
There is a need for independent music in this world, something different than what the industry is shoving down your throats every single day.

Starting with 15 bands on our station to expanding to 82 bands and 400 songs sending in their music within only 3 weeks pushing us to go to a 24 hour, 7 day a week rotation of music. We were the first online radio station to strictly play local, independent and original music from Utah, within a matter of a few months of opening we began to receive music from all over the United States prompting us to expand our efforts and growing into something larger.

We want to be the outlet to the 99% of musicians working to make it to the next level. We want to create a relationship with the industry to create enhance the 1% you hear on the radio.

Today, we have a brand new website that is has many qualities of the major websites out today such as, Pandora (Radio) Facebook (Social Networking) iTunes (music sales) Reverbnation (Charts and building a fan-base) for musicians and local businesses alike.

By the time we switched to our new website, we have 20 countries, 40 states and over 10,000 songs. WE ARE dedicated to local, independent and original music on our station.

We know who made us who we are today, it's amazing, talented and loyal musicians and fans that have made American Musicians Radio the success it is today!

Because of our amazing growth, we have over 124,000 listeners on our radio station a month around the world. Australia is our 2nd largest market for music at the moment. With the help of word of mouth advertising and bands spreading the word to help build our global community of musicians we are excited to see the future of AMR.

It didn't happen overnight, but it is happening now! Keep spreading the word and telling everyone you know to join us and being part of something amazing!!!

Live band and interviews, broadcasting every Monday at Fats Grill in Sugarhouse, Utah, then interviews in our AMR studios with Johnny C. the President of the company.
Our goal is to change the music scene 1 fan and 1 band at a time!

Be part of the new music rEvolution and sign up today on http://AMR.fm.

We believe EVERY musician deserves to be heard!
All Local All The Time!