Sometimes it becomes necessary to speak of the rights of humans to express themselves. Such rights are crucial to the development of human cultures into self-sustaining, non-destructive groups of living persons.

Without the existence of America, free speech and free thought would be curtailed.
America, as a conglomeration of many cultures, can be perceived as a testing ground for the rest of the world; all humans share the world together, so we might as well try sharing a country together.

Many see America as a strange collision of politics and economy. Yet, America is two hundred and thirty one years old, and that is young for a nation.
We’ve waged wars against some of the most terrible of evils in this world, and with the start of this company, we declare revolution against apathy. We all need to participate and say, in essence, “America Needs Me”.

This notion can help unify our diverse population. Our small company seeks to publicize this notion to the populace with a simple fashion statement; American made t-shirts.
As we also believe that the arts of humanity are a saving grace of humankind, we choose Featured Artists to appear monthly at www.americaneedsme.com.

Our Featured Artists each select a U.S. charity to which a percentage of sales they help generate are donated. Our first featured artist comes from the region where the first victorious battle was waged by American soldiers: Trenton, New Jersey. Kelly Carvin is an integral singer and songwriter in the musical revolution that is burgeoning there; she inspires local musicians and artists and hopefully will do the same for you.

We are seeking to do as much good as we can, and hope you will join us.
We hope to get everyone in our nation to think, speak and believe “America Needs Me.”
Call it peaceful revolution; call it social evolution; whatever you call it, our time is now.

America Needs Me