A&O is the first public relations and marketing firm on the West Coast to specialize in the arts. We are a group of art evangelists-publicists, curators and art writers-who saw a new way to do business in our industry, bridging the gaps left by the art establishment.

Combining our deep knowledge of the art world with broad, practical experience in marketing and communications, we broke the mold to form A&O: an independent, boutique agency that serves artists and arts organizations alike.


A&O offers a range of creative communications services, customized for each client and scalable to every budget-with tangible results.

From brand development to fundraising, from full-scale gallery launches to underground pop-up shows, we support each of our clients in their unique vision of success. We see ourselves as art advocates, at the forefront of a paradigm shift. We start the conversations and build the buzz that brings the audience to the art.


A&O is pioneering a new model of business in the art industry, one based on advocacy, authenticity and integrity.

As free agents of the art world, we act as liaisons, connecting artists, galleries, nonprofit institutions and art publications. Filling a communication void between entities, we foster not only art promotion, but creative collaboration.

We aim to empower artists and arts organizations by facilitating access to their ideal audience-redefining the approach to aesthetic.